Colleen and Andrew’s Wedding

BPM had such a blast at Colleen and Andrew’s wedding at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine.  As music lovers who knew what what kind of music they wanted to hear at their reception, these newlyweds truly brought their celebration to the dance floor.  And that dance floor was packed with people dancing and singing for the entire night!  Such joy!  The photography really captures the energy from the night.  Photo credit goes out to Russ from Russell Caron Wedding Photography,

Freshly back from their honeymoon, we sat down with Colleen and Andrew to talk about the music on their special night.

Allison Caplin: What made you select Boston Party Machine for your wedding?

Andrew and Colleen:  Andrew and I love live music, so from the get-go, we knew we wanted a band at our wedding.  We’ve been to many weddings, and our favorites after the ceremony and dinner are the ones who have had bands.  We went to a band showcase for our wedding and were amazed by Boston Party Machine as soon as they started playing their set.  In addition to their profession attire, they showcased a wide range of musical abilities. Both the vocals and the instruments were incredible.  As we listened to the band that evening, my mother and I were dancing in our seats.  Each song they played got better and better.  Andrew and I just looked at each other and knew we had to have BPM for our wedding.

AC: Song selection can be difficult sometimes. Can you talk about what made you decide on the songs you danced to for your…

Entrance/intro song:     “You Make My Dreams Come True”    Andrew has a love for 80’s music.  We wanted a song that people would recognize and something that was not the “typical” entrance song.

First dance:      “You Are The Best Thing”      We wanted a song that would showcase the band’s talents as well as one that spoke to the way we feel about each other. Colleen is truly the “best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Mother/son dance:     “What a Wonderful World”    It is a special song to my mother; it’s one of her favorites.

Father/daughter dance:     “The Way You Look Tonight”    Colleen’s dad wanted a song that was more upbeat, rather than something slow that would probably make them both cry.

Cake cutting:     “Soul Sister”    It’s our song.  We wanted to make sure it was played during the wedding.

Last dance:     “We Found Love”    We wanted something everyone would be dancing to, but again, didn’t want a “typical” last dance song.  It’s one that everyone knows and can sing along to.

AC: Did Boston Party Machine meet your musical expectations?

Beyond a doubt.  They were amazing.  All of our guests are still talking about how awesome the band was!!!  All of our guests were dancing the entire night and didn’t want the night to end, even after they played an additional song as a encore after our last dance.

AC: How was our MCing for the night?

PERFECT!!! They did a great job with the announcements.

AC: Any advice you’d like to give to other couples in selecting the right music for their wedding?

If you like live music, our recommendation is to choose a live band.  Boston Party Machine was great to work with and really listened and created our playlist based on our personal music preferences.