The Perfect Details: Meet Donna Kim

Boston Party Machine has had the pleasure of working with wedding planner and consummate perfectionist, Donna Kim.  When Donna named her event planning business “The Perfect Details,” she wasn’t mincing words.   Donna is a creative soul who has a firm grasp of the big picture, without losing track of the myriad of little touches.   We sat down with Donna to talk with her about her background, her work, and what makes her company unique.


Allison C:
  Tell us a little about The Perfect Details.
Donna K:   We are a boutique event planning and design studio that specializes in event planning and design, custom invitations and long distance clientele.  We even had a client from Singapore who planned her wedding in Newport with us!

  How did you get started?
DK:  Through music.  I am a classically trained pianist and vocalist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Tanglewood Festival Chorus.  I always offered my musical services to my friends as a gift; then I began helping with invitations (because I’m a graphic designer); and then I helped with their menu (because I had catering experience).  One day, I came across an article in “Entrepreneur” magazine about Wedding Planning, and something clicked.  I launched “The Perfect Details” in July 2002, and haven’t looked back since!

AC:  What should a bride look for in her search for the perfect wedding planner?
DK:  Number one:  Pick someone you trust.  It will be a stressful day, and you need to make sure you pick someone that you believe understands you and knows what is important to you.  A good planner is your best bet for staying calm and enjoying your wedding day.  Ask my past clients!

AC:  What was your most memorable wedding?
DK:  They are all memorable!  But probably the wedding that was most memorable is the one that I planned in seven days for two wonderful men.  It was when gay marriage had just been legalized, and they were trying to get married before certain legislation passed.  We had a small window of time and all the stars aligned to make it an amazing day!  They walked in to song “Things can only get better”…and truly, it has!

AC:  What’s the current trend in wedding music – bands or DJs?
DK:  It is both.  It depends on the needs of the client from their budget to their venue.  The key to great wedding entertainment is having someone at the helm that can read the crowd.

AC:  How can people reach you?
DK:  The best way to reach me is by email: or to go to our website at and fill out our contact form.

AC:  Any question that I didn’t pose that you think should be included 🙂
DK:  Not really, but I would like to also add that I do invitation design and can do this for clients even if they don’t desire to have a planner. 😉