New Developments

Boston Party Machine has some exciting new staffing developments behind the scenes to report:  we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Lorenzee and Gaggi.

Our incomparable singer, Lorenzee, has stepped forward to become BPM’s Social Media Whiz; you might have noticed that our Facebook postings of news and happenings have increased manifold since Lorenzee has assumed this role…and you can expect more of the same.  Love it!.  Gaggi has also joined our team as Director of Operations, working alongside Rob to ensure that everything in our office has nice flow.  Gaggi comes to us with a wealth of experience in marketing and sales, and has the most can-do attitude of anyone we know.

As for social media, it’s something I have depended on to keep in touch with friends and family and be in the know about what’s going on among them. Most of my friends know that I sing but it’s merely an abstract concept until they can see and hear for themselves.  (my brother came on Wednesday and was blown away, he had no idea)  I thought it might be nice to exploit our finer points to show what we do, who we are and what separates us from all the other bands out there.

Hello, My name is Gaggi DeStefanis, and here is why I am awesome:


My work experience includes working at Lotus for more than 10 years, when the company, during that time, was bought by IBM.   I helped people with their speadsheets through phone support in Tech Support, later worked with resellers to fill large contract orders, and lastly worked in contracts with high end Lotus software customers. During my years at Lotus/IBM in the Support group and Customer Ops group, I trained new employees, helped out with audits, and quarter end deadlines.   I also taught a daily 30 minute ab class for Lotus/IBM employees during lunch, equally as important.


I left Lotus to work at BrassRing, now Kenexa, as an account manager and helped  in project management.  I worked with 10 accounts at a time, including marquis accounts such as Comcast, GE, Readers Digest, BiogenIdec (helped during the merger), and Children’s Hospital Boston, to name a few.  During my time at BrassRing, I advised companies on how to use their product based on their business needs, presented regular Business Reviews to show ROI, and trained clients for product training and new product for sales.  In 2003, I was awarded the BrassRing Upsell Attainment Award for outstanding upsell performance.


I left BrassRing in early 2004 to become a Stay at Home Mom.  Since then I have become a Professional Volunteer.  My positions include:


  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Parent Connection Mentoring Mom’s program
    • Help new mothers with the first 3 months of their newborn’s life with weekly phone support.   9+ years
    • Organized Arts and Crafts Club for a month for 350 elementary students
    • Yearly ongoing classroom help for K, 1st, and 3rd graders
    • Organized No-Screen week for 350 elementary students for afterschool programs
    • Ran a track clinic for elementary students to prepare for field day
    • Help with largest annual fundraiser at the Thompson Elementary school by:
      • Advising group on which clients to target
      • Helped write contracts for annual drive
      • Ongoing client relationship to
      • PTO for Children’s Own School, Montessori School, Winchester, MA:
        • Co-Chair Parent’s Committee to organize all events for 2 years at school
        • Manage budget and expenses for Parent’s Committee
        • Organized committees for fundraising
        • Work with Director to ensure Montessori education of all current parents
        • Current Member of the Corporation, offspring of COS Board

Biking (participated in duathons and triathlons)

    • Skiing (enthusiasm since age 4, all family members like to rip it up, including 4 year old)
    • Running Accomplishments
      • high school captain with undefeated events and highschool  record holder
      • UMaine Athlete of the week
      • 2x Ironman Runner for having completed all NE USATF races
      • 2x relay member of Hood to Coast, 250 mile run on west coast
      • Completed 14 marathons( finished 11th woman once)
      • Lifetime member of Cambridge Sports Union
        • Running club founded by the Bermans (Sara Mae Berman was one of the first woman to have run a marathon  (Boston))

Grew up in Belmont

Attented UMaine, Orono

Married 13 year

Mother of 3

Fluent in German