Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Song Selection

After a difficult, snow-covered winter, spring is here at last!  The days have begun to grow longer, the forsythia is blazing yellow, the crocuses are croaking…all of which are harbingers of wedding season in New England (of course 😉 ).  Gearing up for wedding season, for Boston Party Machine, means helping brides and grooms navigate the vast world of music they want for their big day.  For some couples, song selection can be overwhelming; others know exactly what they want; but usually, likes and dislikes aren’t exactly black and white.

Narrowing down the music that you love or that you really don’t is usually not as simple as reflecting on the contents of your iPod and CD collection.  Some folks like to draw from traditional options for special dances.  If that’s you, much has been written on these subjects, and is easily accessible for online research.   Some sites we recommend are:

But if the more traditional songs don’t feel like a fit for you, picking the right band and band leader is really key in helping to make the music at your wedding your own.  Make sure that you have easy communication with the band leader, and that s/he takes the time to get to know you and your sweetie.  A band should have a music questionnaire for you to fill out as a starting point.  This collection of questions helps the band leader to design a set list unique to your musical interests.  Boston Party Machine never uses a boiler plate set list that’s trotted out from one wedding to another.  We take the time to learn what the bride and groom love via questionnaire and many conversations…and we’re always willing to learn those special songs that “make” the wedding.

May the songs that you select for your wedding  keep you and your love dancing together for many years to come.